The Paquin Family Association was dissolved in 1999 following a decision taken at the general assembly held on August 22, 1998 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. We will no longer have annual reunions.


What is taking place now is the creation and maintenance of 2 web sites through mutual co-operation namely Ancestors Paquin Family and Dictionnaire Paquin Dictionary. The ultimate goal is to maintain, add or modify all data supplied by all parties interested in history and genealogy of the great Paquin family.


All the work done while the association was still active is not lost, on the contrary all the data known prior to dissolution serves as the basis and is now available on internet.


Thanks to your involvement, we believe we can succeed maintaining our family?s history and genealogy up to date through modern technologies.

Your financial contribution does help to cover some of the costs involved in keeping the sites operational.


A warm welcome to all interested parties to work hand in hand with us to succeed with this venture.


Jean-Marie Paquin


Translated by Jean-Paul Paquin