A Deschambault woman must be proud to have been saved by two Paquin as a result of having been involved in an accident following a head-on collision on highway 138, last Wednesday around 19:15 . This event took place between Deschambault-Grondines and Portneuf.


The following is an article that appeared in Le Soleil newspaper on September 10, 2014 at 22:37
"A spokewoman from the Québec provincial police, Christine Coulombe, stated that the vehicle of a man, in his eighties, residing at Deschambault ended up the wrong way on highway 138 and hit the oncoming vehicle.


The reasons for this vehicle being on the wrong side of the road are still unknown and are subject to investigation. The man was brought to hospital where his death was confirmed. A 64 year old woman, also a resident of Deschambault-Grondines was in the other vehicle which was badly damaged. She was brought to hospital with serious injuries.


A third vehicle ended up in the ditch in order to avoid the impact with the other two vehicles. The driver was not injured. Highway 138 was completely closed for many hours in order to allow the investigation and collect elements on the scene of the accident."


The following is the chronology of events as told by Ghislaine Paquin:

«Claude Paquin and I were returning from Donnacona around 19:15 on Wednesday September 14, 2014. We noticed white smoke escaping from a vehicle. As we got closer, we saw 3 vehicles involved in a serious accident, one of which is on fire and a lady inside is in panic trying to escape.


Claude, a former fireman, rushes home to get two fire extinguishers to put out the fire. The firemen had not yet arrived. Father Jacques Paquin arrives and began to assist the woman in distress while Claude is successful in putting out the fire. Father Paquin endeavours to locate the safety belt in order to free the woman. He succeeds with Claude's assistance to pull out the woman from the vehicle. She's hurt but she knows she's in good hands. Then, the ambulance team arrived and took care of same along with the first respondents.


In this accident, one man was killed and one woman, being in the third vehicle was slightly injured.»



More pictures: Zone911.com


It is quite unusual to have two Paquin assist people at the same time in front of the Paquin ancestral land at Deschambault.


Congratulations for such bravery acts!