Passion for maple

Émilie Bilodeau La Presse




Benoit Paquin never had to study hard to find the sugar bush basics. He learned everything, when he was young, from his parents in Mont Laurier for they used to tap maple trees on their piece of land.

After having acquired his own piece of land in 1966, in a residential area of Laval, he planted two maple trees with a view to produce his own maple syrup.

The carpenter made provisions to allow some space in his house during its construction to boil maple sap.


Now at the age of 83, he is now a top syrup taster. His favourite is amber and it has a little vegetable taste. "I planted two varieties of maple trees. The one up front is a Norway maple tree which is sweeter that the one in the rear, namely a rock maple tree. The sap from both trees is merged. It is similar to wine when grapes are merged," says the one who was making his syrup way before it became an homemade trend.


A tour of the suburb area of Mr Paquin reveals something rather unreal for he is not alone with aluminum pails hanging on maple trees. His neighbor is saving maple sap in his freezer to cook his oatmeal all year round. Great, you say?


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