I am pleased to greet you on this site especially dedicated to the Paquin.

I hope that you will fDSC03370rind all the answers to your questions on the origin of the Paquin in America.

My name is Jean-Marie Paquin, son of Paul Paquin of Deschambault, Quebec. The Paquin memorial was erected on my father's land.

I was vice-president of the Paquin families' association during a decade. At that time I was mostly responsible for public relations with the members, for managing membership fees, for issuing membership cards and also preparing the distribution list for the Pasquin bulletin.

Moreover, on many occasions I participated to the organization of annual congresses more particularly dealing with the audiovisual aspect.


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To whoever is visiting this website...do you know who is responsible?

It is Jean-Marie Paquin. He is a volunteer Paquin genealogist. It is his way, using modern technology, to continue the work of Pasteur Paquin, Reginald Paquin and Roger Paquin, the founders of L'Assoc des Familles Paquin Inc.
The Association succeeded in reaching a great number of Paquin & increased their knowledge of genealogy. Le Dictionnaire was published in 1998 which listed our Paquin ancestors.
Jean-Marie continues to modernize the work done since the 1950s. Confident in the success of his work he invests all his spare hours on the website & archives and will devote even more when he retires.
We do not publish "Le Pasquin" any longer so we cannot collect any membership dues. Jean-Marie maintains this full-size website at his own expense.
I think it is reasonable to help with a $5 or $10 donation.  Hope you think of it every year.
(Do it today! Thank you in advance!  Hélène)
Translated by Hélène Paquin for the convenience of our English readers