Editor’s note :The following text is for your information only. The method of entering data, as stated in the text, does not reflect the usual and modern way of doing it.


Right at the beginning of this stage of producing the Paquin Family Dictionary, we must express our thanks to our departed Brother Pasteur (Victor Paquin) who started this research by involving himself in a cause that lasted over forty (40) years.


His persistence in the search of ancestors drove him to visit county bureaus, parochial archives, and any place where records were kept in his search for official records. He covered the Province of Quebec by following the footsteps of the Pioneers.


Being himself a religious of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, he undertook a communication with various secretaries of other orders, male and female, asking for the names and addresses of anyone named Paquin in their ranks. This is how he got his first records, then thru questionnaires to families.


At the large Paquin reunion that he organized at Deschambault in 1972, Victor Paquin met a large number of Paquins who sent him much information about their respective families. He met also Reginald Paquin of Winthrop, Massachusetts who became his intermediate with the English speaking Paquins at this reunion. Their friendship grew and Reginald undertook the researching of Paquins in the United States as well as the transcribing of all the Paquin records onto computer for both French and English usage. For example, the dash (-) was used to signify the marriage.


When we revised the records into French we also used the (-) for municipalities and parishes of Quebec such as (St-Jerome) as are required by the grammar rules. In English we use the (.) not the (-).


Helene Paquin of Regina, Saskatchewan, who had accompanied her grandmother Olivine Bibeau-Paquin to the 1972 reunion at Deschambault, took over the job of entering the genealogical records into the computer from Reginald and worked on this until it was all turned over for final editing and printing.


It is thus thanks to the work of these volunteers such as Pasteur (Victor Paquin), the Reginalds, the Helenes, and those members of the Paquin Family Association who have continually sent us genealogical information that allowed us to present to all of you this work of Benedictines: A first edition of the Paquin Family Dictionary in America.


Charles-Henri Paquin, prés.