Editor’s note :The following text is for your information only. The method of entering data, as stated in the text, does not reflect the usual and modern way of doing it.


To introduce this PAQUIN Family Dictionary on the occasion of the 325th anniversary of the arrival of our ancestor to this land in 1672 and to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first large reunion of the Paquins at Deschambault in 1972, is to realise the dream of our departed founding-president, Brother Pasteur Paquin to whom we dedicate this work.


In publishing his book: Little history of the Paquin families in America, Brother Pasteur had climbed the first stage. He was giving us an introduction to what was to follow, the present compilation of records. It is now possible to find the family lines of all the Paquins who descend from Nicholas Paquin and Marie Francoise Plante.


This book and the Dictionary comprise a total effort. That is why we have thought to offer freely the Little history of the Paquin Families in America to the first one-hundred (100) persons who will buy the Paquin Family Dictionary.


How to go about doing your consulting or researching in the Dictionary? THE KEY: The family name of the wife for the men named Paquin, and the family name of the husband for the women who are named Paquin. Then, you easily find one family. Then you use the names of the parents "Paquin" that are in parentheses under the name of the man and of the woman "Paquin" to ascend to the ancestor Nicholas by using this same method. In this way you find all the families of the ascending line.


To search the descending family line, you proceed with the names of the children of the couple who, if they have, at their turn, a spouse, which has permitted us to open another family cell. Your research will also be successful by looking up the name of the spouse for the Paquin girls who married. If a child does not marry: single, priest , brother or nun, all the records on this person are kept in the parents family cell.


We don't pretend to present a complete document despite the efforts made to obtain the greatest number of information before before editing the total. The deadline was set for September 30, 1996. After that date, all the information concerning births, marriages and deaths and their places where they took place will be kept for the next issue of the Dictionary.


We are presenting, then, a complete model of what we now know in order to gather more complete records in the future. You will be able to judge the correctness of the information that we have on your family. We would be very happy to receive all corrections and new information to be taken into consideration in our next edition.