As a result of the great enthusiasm brought about by the August 20, 1972 rally held at Deschambault,where some 900 participants came from several parts of America to celebrate the 300 anniversary of the arrival of Nicolas, a plaque project was set forth.


A consultation was made through the small bulletin " Origine des familles Paquin au Canada" which confirmed the desire to go ahead with the project. It was slow proceeding, but in the falls of 1974, the location was found. The foundation was poured and the monument was erected in May 1975.


The unveiling and blessing of the monument took place on August 24, 1975.


Glory to our ancestors!

On June 30th 2013, a monument stone was withdrawn in order to remove the content and to incorporate the signature of the participants shown on this picture .

The original documents were damaged due to moisture, it was decided to copy the documents and provide the originals to the following archives centre (Centre d'Archives Régional de Portneuf Inc - 105 Rue de Chavigny Deschambault, QC G0A 1S0 - (418) 286-2277).


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Dear friends, members of the Paquin Families.


We are gathered here to-day to unveil this memorial as it is stated on the souvenir plate to the faith and bravery of the Paquin ancestors.


A few steps away from where we now stand, we can see another bronze plate erected by the Quebec Historical Monument Commission to remind us that we are now on land granted to the a François de Chavigny in 1640 identified as Sieur de Berchereau. It is in 1683 that this land was acquired by Jacques Alexis de Fleury Deschambault as a result of his marriage to Marguerite de Cavagne. It is also the reason why the name Deschambault became the official parish name.

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