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Paquin / Pochapocha en

The origins of a family in the Canadian Fur Trade 1634 – 1896

© 2019 Patricia G. Redhead

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Pat Redhead

Campbell River, BC, Canada

couvertThis volume reprint is the result of an ever growing demand for this book on our roots.  We did our best to reproduce as accurately as possible the work of Brother Pasteur. 


Our time and efforts are very little compared to Brother Pasteur’s work  Little  History of the Paquin Family in America.  We are very grateful and this reproduction should be seen as a tribute to him for the work he accomplished for all of us.


May this book become along with the website afpaquin.org the sources of reference for all the Paquin in North America.

    Jean-Paul Paquin and Jean-Marie Paquin
The book can now be ordered in two different formats. Either in the traditional book format (paper) (Sorry, this article is no longer available for online purchase.) or electronically (DVD) or USB key (coming soon)


Note that the versions are available in two languages namely french and english.

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