Someone from our neighbourhood.

He was an integral part of our parish family and appreciated by everyone.

We loved his good humour, his joie de vivre and he was known to be a teasing person.

Prior to returning home, when he retired, what was he doing? Do you was to know, furthermore?


On January 31, 1930, Marie-Jeanne Gauthier gave birth to her first child, a boy.

His two brothers followed, then came a girl, Aline. The father, Samuel, a sailor, then a pilot on the Saint-Laurent, was so proud of his small family.

The newborn baby was christened at the Deschambault Saint. Joseph’s parish church and given the name Jacques.

In 1936, Bishop Joseph-Omer Plante, confirmed the 6-year-old boy at the Deschambault church.

As a teenager, he studied at the Trois-Rivières Seminary and then at Pont-Viau, where he entered the Seminary of Foreign Missions.

On June 4, 1955, he was received deacon by Cardinal Paul-Emile Léger, and on June 29, he was ordained as a priest by Bishop Bruno Desrochers at Deschambault.

And his career began…

How many times did he moved throughout his life?

In Rome, he studied for a bachelor’s degree in canon law and then in Brussels to obtain a degree in Catechesis.

Then he was ready to go to the Philippines, as a missionary.

The Philippines … 7,107 islands. Volcanic in origin. Moreover, several volcanoes are still active. Let us remember the last big eruption of Mount Pinatubo.

This was the country where Father Paquin went.

In order to dialogue with the people of his new country, he had to learn the visayen which he did while he was made vicar of Penaplata.

The following year he became chancellor and vicar of Davao.

Davao is one of the largest cities in the Philippines. 1,530,360 inhabitants. Fifty percent of the city is made up of swamps and forests. There are banana, coffee and pineapple plantations.

He later went to the East Asian Pastoral Institute in Manila to obtain a degree in pastoral.

He was asked to return to Québec, where an executive secretary of the Diocesan Office of Missionary Pastoral wa needed. He then returned to Pont-Viau where he was appointed Director of Missionary Animation.

You think that his mission ended there! 

In 1977, he was appointed Director General of The Pontifical Missionary Works in French Canada.

In 1984, he returned to the Philippines as a vicar and then parish priest at the Santa Anna Parish in Davao.

He was asked to return to Quebec City to be made the chaplain of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

In Davao in the Philippines where he ministries at the San Pedro Hospital.

Then, why not, a short internship in Jerusalem, at the Ecce Homo Center? 

In 1999, he returned to Quebec as priest and then as a priest assisting Deschambault.

What an eventful and interesting life!

The magnificent historical monument of the Deschambault church seems to offer him a real challenge for a few years.

It was not until year 2000, together with other volunteers, that he established the Saint-Joseph-de-Deschambault Foundation, whose goal was the conservation and maintenance of our church.

The events to raise funds follow one another, especially concerts and for several years, the youth theater.

Now it’s the Spring Festival and the Autumn Festival like now.

The Foundation managed to raise nearly $200,000, 00 up to now.

It’s great, isn’t it?  
Although’he was retired, Father Paquin continued to effect his ministry on occasion. He was always willing to help when asked.