A local person. Someone very much appreciated who is part of our parish family .

We all appreciate his good humour, his love of life and his way of teasing..

Prior to coming here , what was he doing? You want to know more about him?

Marie-Jeanne Gauthier gave birth to her first baby, a boy on January 31,1930.

Two more boys followed, then a girl named Aline. Samuel, their father was sailor then a pilot on the St.Lawrence river, he was the proud father of his small family.

The baby was christened at the St.Joseph church of Deschambault. He was given the name Jacques. At the age of six he is given the confirmation sacrament by Bishop Joseph-Omer Plante. It took place in 1936.

In his adolescent years, he pursued his studies at the Trois-Rivières seminary, then at Pont-Viau where he entered the Seminary of Foreign Missions .

On June 4 1955, he is made a deacon by Cardinal Paul-Émile Léger and on June 29, he is ordained priest by Bishop Bruno Desrochers.

Then his career began…

How many times did he relocate during his life?

In Rome, he studied to obtain a degree in Canon Law and in Brussels to obtain a degree in Catechesis.


Then he is ready to go to the Philippines as a missionary.


The Philippines is a country consisting of 7 107 islands of volcanic origin. Some volcanoes are still active. Let us remember the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo.


It’s to this country that young father Paquin is going. In order to converse with the people in the country, he must learn the visayen. This is exactly what he does by accepting the nomination as vicar of Penaplata. The following year he is made chancellor and vicar of Davao.


Davao is one of the most important city of the Philippines with a population of 1 530 360 people. Half of the city consist of wet lands and forest. Plantations of bananas, coffee and pineaple may be found.


Later on, he goes to East Asian Pastoral Institute of Manilla to obtain a diploma in Pastoral. Then he is call back to Quebec, he is needed as executive secretary of the diocesan office of missionary pastoral. Afterwards he is nominated as Director of Missionary Animation at Pont-Viau.


You think this is the end of his undertakings!


In 1977, he is nominated as Director General of Pontifical Mission Societies for french Canada.


He goes back to the Philippines in 1977 as vicar and then parish priest of the Santa Anna parish of Davao.


He returns to Quebec as chaplain of the sisters of Bon Pasteur and to Davao at the Philippines hospital of San Pedro.


Why not a short study at Jerusalem, the Ecce Homo Centre?


Back to Quebec in 1999 as parish priest at Deschambault and later on as assisting priest.


What an interesting and eventful life!