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Maureen P. Young

As a preamble to the publishing of the following letter, allow me to inform the readers that Maureen P. Young is part of the Paquin family and acts as a great researcher and genealogist taking pride into informing authorities of the Paquin contribution to society.


Maureen wrote to :


Deidre Briggs
Secretary to the City Manager (of Colombia, MO)

Tammy Miller
Public Information Specialist
Columbia Parks and Recreation


Meagan McConachie
Administrative Assistant
Columbia Convention  & Visitors Bureau
300 S. Providence Road
Columbia, MO 65203


Objet : Dr Paul Paquin


Good morning, Ladies -


In August I contacted each of you with regard to learning the name of the person for whom Paquin Park, Paquin Towers and Paquin Avenue were named for.  After researching college and JAMA archives, the census and other resource materials, I have constructed the attached biography for Dr. Paul Paquin.


The purpose of naming a public structure after a person is to commemorate the accomplishments of that person.  Dr. Paul Paquin (1860-1916) was a noted physician who was important not only to the residents of Columbia, MO, but to the world at large.


Please forward this information to your superior or the administrator of your department.  All of the information was obtained from public records which are readily verified.  Please feel free to use the attached information on your website or official history pamphlet. 


Maureen P. Young