This text is still relevant even if it dates from 1988

I knew my father, Émile, what he was doing, his way of thinking. I heard , a little, of someone named Arthur, but I never knew much about him…
I even saw him when I was just a kid. I heard nothing about Onésime, Pierre or Paul…What were they doing? What was their way of thinking? A big mystery and no one to ask those questions to.

On my mother’s side, it’s the same thing.
May I suggest to our older Paquin cousins, more particularly those in their golden age, to write a letter to their grandchildren and let them know true stories about their ancestors they once knew : on their trades, anecdotes, appearance, etc.
Why write to grandchildren? Simply because children never listen to their parents. On the other hand, grandchildren are fond of what grand parents have to say. This statement is well known. It would be great, almost miraculous to have a letter to-day from Arthur reminiscing something on Onésime. Unfortunately Arthur was an illiterate and could hardly sign his name.
On this, my greetings to all.
Signed by Jean Paquin
St.Bruno Qc

N.B. I would like very much to post on the web such a letter written by a grandfather to his grandson. Great stories could be written by grand parents and passed on to future generations using the afpaquin website. Come on, get on with your pen or computer and start writing. We would be more than happy to read your stories and incorporate them in the dictionary.