The first settlers on the territory of Deschambault date from 1643 or 44.


Plaque du sentier des pionniersFrançois de Chavigny, husband of Éléonore de Grand'Maison, arrived in New France in 1641 with a title of land concession of one and one half leagues by three where the site could be chosen on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. It is 30 acres from the church of Deschambault that François de Chavigny, with servants and craftsmen, established a post with a stockade. Some time later, his spouse and two children, Madeleine and Marguerite, born at Québec, came to join him. This was the only family that lived there at this time between Québec and Trois-Rivières.


In 1647, Mr. De Chavigny got a new concession of land of one half league long by three deep added to the first one. This gave him a domain of two leagues by three.


In 1672, this seigneury covered the actual territory of Deschambault of St-Gilbert and also a part of St-Alban and of St-Marc-des-Carrières, Deschambault today occupies a territory of twelve square miles situated at 35 miles upstream from Quebec and 45 miles downstream from Trois-Rivières, bordered on the north by St-Gilbert and St-Marc-des-Carrières, and on the south by the St-Lawrence River, and on the west by Grondines, and on the east by Portneuf, Deschambault counts a population of nearly 1,400 inhabitants. It is in this locality that Nicolas II, the first Paquin to live at Deschambault, settled on a farm that he obtained by concession on August 30, 1707. (See: Genaple Register, 7th volume, page 101.) This concession made by Joseph des Fleury of La Gorgendière acting for Jacques des Fleury Deschambault.


According to the details mentioned in the marriage contract of Nicolas II, this land would be the one occupied today by Mr. Pierre Mayrand about one mile from the actual church, not far from the railroad tracks.


Plaque du sentier des pionniersNicolas II married with Marie-Anne Perrot (Lagorce) probably at Deschambault in 1706 or 1707. (I say, probably, for no one has found his marriage act. His contract of marriage dates October 10, 1705, and the birth of his first child, Nicolas III, baptized at Cap-Santé, May 17, 1708, permit us to conclude, without getting too far from the truth, that his marriage took place in 1706 or 1707.) Whatever, Nicolas II married twice, and it is from him that we have the first Paquin family of Deschambault.


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