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Brockton, Mass. - Arthur Paquin Way

This small street is named after Arthur Leo Paquin (Arthur – Helen Winter) to recognize him for all his voluntary work with the City of Brockton, Mass. & their police with local illegal drug enforcement and helping the youth in the area get on the straight & narrow.


paquintower3Columbia, Missouri - Paquin Towers on Paquin Avenue and Paquin Park

The Paquin Towers located at 1201 Paquin Avenue is a 200 unit high rise designated for people with mental or physical disabilities & the elderly. It is managed by the Columbia Housing Authority. Paquin Park located at 212 Waugh Street is adjacent to the Paquin Towers. It has facilities for wheelchair sports and has a flower & vegetable garden. These three are to commemorate the life and career of Dr Paul Paquin (Jules-Célina Desjardins) (1860-1916).