Paquin-Infobulletin (31)

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Vol: (31)                 June 04 2020

Cousin, Visitor,

I’m doing fine and I’m working on a daily basis to refine the dictionary which has more than 82,000 individuals, 7,173 pictures involving a total of 35,785 families.
Once more I am asking your cooperation to review all the information pertaining to your own family.  It only takes a few minutes to conduct the review, add some data and photos.
Invitation for the unveiling of a plaque
Attached you will find an invitation from Father Jacques Paquin of Deschambault.
It only involves the unveiling of a plaque and a few words of circumstance.  Please note that I shall be there to meet all of you and talk genealogy.

Jean-Marie Paquin

*Si vous préférez recevoir ces courriels en français, veuillez SVP m’en avertir afin que je puisse faire la mise à jour de vos préférences.

Mon courriel : Jean-Marie Paquin

Special thanks to all those supporting me from the very beginning!

Also new donors are very much appreciated!

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