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Ancestors PAQUIN Family

The surname PAQUIN has a triple origin: linguistic, social and geographical.

Linguistics : ​ because the PASCHARIUM of learned Latin underwent variations during the Merovingian Latin period (V to VIII century of our history) and the Carolingian Romanesque period (ninth and tenth centuries), finally becoming PASCUAR then PASCUER, at the dawn of the so-called "Old French" period (tenth to XIVth century).                       

Social : ​ because PASCUER was, from its formation, affected by a character of land possession, which conditioned the greater or lesser importance of its bearer. We have to consider here a very old name, derived directly from a toponym whose primary meaning was "pasture". At the beginning of the Xlle century, period of formation of the surnames of France, PASCUAR then PASCUER evolved. PASCUER became PASCUIER and finally PAQUIER. It was from PAQUIER that the noun PAQUIS came out, characterizing the pasture, the field, the pasture. This linguistic and social ensemble is attested in the language from 1284, which is confirmed by the "Dictionnaire de l'ancienne langue française de Godefroy".                       

Geographical : ​  because PAQUIN will see its original geographical distribution in the east of France. It will be the direct origin of: "PAQUIN, the one who owns paquis" and who is wise and wise "PAQUIN  désignera le  "ropturier",beneficiary of a  "ropture"  then of a  "rupture" or liberation in order to allow him the free exploitation of a set of   land, assignee of pasture to exploit. Very quickly these lands will become the property of those who will hold them family. In the xlvth century, this will be done. We will note that it was out of the question to call someone PAQUIN if the extent of the exploited paquis was small, he had to own 2 or 3 manses or tenures of a few dozen bonniers (or 10 to 15 hectares), which justified in the popular mind the attribution of this name characteristic of the property.