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Ancestors PAQUIN Family

Manitoba Saint-Boniface - Paquin Street This street is located in the light industrial area, on the site of the dairy farm of Adélard Paquin (1856-1925) (Paul-Marcelline Phaneuf).
Charlesbourg – Avenue Jean Paquin Jean Paquin (1907-1996) (Julien-Blanche Rodier), was avicar during 31years and one of the co-founders in 1966 of the Sainte-Cécile parish. At first, religious services were provided from a chapel located at Le Plateau school. Father Paquin convinced the Fathers of the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul congregation to give up their land to allow the construction of a church and a rectory as early as 1967. Over and above his religious obligations, he cared for people in needs and senior citizens on a daily basis. Being himself a true sportsman, he organized activities for the youth of Charlesbourg and Limoilou. His enthusiastic role earned the respect of the whole community. In 1998, Sainte-Cécile and Sainte-Maria-Goretti parishes were integrated to the central parish of Saint-Charles-Borromée. Sainte-Cécile church is on the avenue named after Father Paquin .
Deschambault - Monument Paquin There is a Paquin monument in pyramid shape at the entrance to the town of Deschambault, Québec on the main road right in front of the former Paul Paquin farm.
Québec Deux Montagnes - Rue Elzéar Paquin The naming of this street was to honour Elzéar Paquin (1890-1963) (Jos Albert-Emma Savard) who was one of the first farming pioneers of the municipality. He also worked on the construction of City Hall in 1931.
Gatineau - Rue Paquin The Paquin Street was named to honor a municipal counselor of Pointe-Gatineau, Olida Paquin (Albert-Espérance Duval) in 1943-45. This municipality was amalgamated with other municipalities and is now part of Gatineau. He was married to Jeanne Vaive.
Hérouxville – Route Paquin This road was named after Régis Paquin (1836-1923) (Élie-Ursule Plante) who was a successful farmer in the area. The route was originally on his land & he gave it up for the convenience of his fellow citizens, at the request of l’Abbé Euchariste Héroux.
Joliette - Rue Arsène Paquin The name of Arsène Paquin was given to a street to honor the memory of Arsène Paquin (Hubert-Célina Gignac). In 1912, he became school inspector for the Joliette district and then became regional inspector in 1929. He was the originator of the Study Certificate, an educator for 44 years and he retired on February 1, 1949.
La Tuque - Rue Paquin et Carré Paquin Named after Arthur Paquin (1857-1913) (Thomas-Marie Philomène Bourassa), a La Tuquepioneer who built the first hotelin town named Hotel Paquin, which no longer exists.
Lac aux Sables, ​municipality of St Rémi - Lac Paquin The naming of this lake was to honor Joseph Paquin (1870-1951) (François-Olympe Bertrand) who was one of the first farming pioneers of the municipality.
Montréal - Rue Anna Paquin Very young, Anna Paquin (1878-1923) (Charles Napoléon-Olive Duteau dit Vilandre), began developing an interest for music within her family and pursued her studies at the Sisters of Sainte-Anne boarding-school of Lachine. Organist at Saint-Cuthbert and Sainte-Ursule, she taught as of 1898 in the last locality as well as in Saint-David of Yamaska now called Saint-David. She trained several parish choirs for whom she wrote musical pieces.
Montréal - Rue Wilbrod Paquin This pharmacist, Wilbrod Paquin (1873-1942) (Alphonse-Desanges Bergeron), originated from Saint-Alexis-des-Monts. He was one of the first ‘retail sales’ pharmacists in Montréal
Montréal-Nord - Avenue Ubald Paquin This Avenue is to commemorate Ubald Paquin (1894-1962) (Herménégilde-Georgianna Laniel), novelist and Canadian journalist. This Montrealer provided input to «Le Devoir », « La Patrie », « Canada » and « Naturaliste ». To demonstrate his political ties, he founded in 1916 the newspaper “La Bataille”. His library, Aux Bouquins, became a meeting place for intellectuals. Member of the literary school of Montreal in 1920, he published many novels while holding a position with the provincial government.
Québec Mouchalagane River, Caniapiscau municipality - Canton Paquin The township (Canton) Paquin, named as such in 1962, is located near the Labrador Newfoudland border, next to Lake Opocopa which discharges into the upper Moisie River. It is totally inhabited. The name refers to Jacques Paquin (1791-1847) ( Paul-Marie Marguerite Marcotte), of Deschambault, Que. He was a missionary during his theological studies at Odanak. The young Paquin learned the local Abenaquis dialect and was made parish priest in 1815 at Saint-Francois-du-Lac. He was made parish priest at Saint-Eustache in 1821 where he stayed for the rest of his life. As he was strongly opposed to liberalism and also to the nationalist movement of the time, he relocated to his farm during the 1817 insurrection. The following year, in order to obtain government compensation for the reconstruction of the church, he wrote an historical document on the rebellion events of Saint-Eustache. in the township of Deux-Montagnes. He orchestrated the construction of the magnificent Convent of the Soeurs de la Congrégation of Saint-Eustache which had been razed by fire during the rebellion. Afterwards, due to a severe reprimand made by Bishop Bourget, he neglected his ministry and preaching to pursue his studies while operating farms that he owned and which provided him with a substantial revenue. The History of Church in Canada which he had been working on for several years was never published.
Saint-David d'Yamaska - Pont Docteur J.W. Paquin The bridge over the David river is named after Doctor Joseph Wilfrid Paquin & is located on the way to Sainte-Cécile town line, south of the village, ​n the heart of the parish municipality of Saint-David. Dr. Joseph Wilfrid Paquin (Alfred-Célina Baril) was born in Saint-Didace. He came to live at Saint-David in the family home of Bishop Brunault in 1906. He was president of the School Board for several terms and a physician in Saint-David until his death on October 11, 1958.
Saint-Eustache - Rue Paquin The name was given to honor Jacques Paquin (1791-1847) ( Paul-Marie Marguerite Marcotte). He was made vicar at Varennes and parish priest at the Odanak Abenaquis in 1821. He then became parish priest at Saint-Eustache in 1837. He was the school board president from 1829 to 1847. (See also Canton Paquin - Mouchalagane River)
Saint-Jérôme - Pont Paquin This bridge was named to honor one of the original founding families of the town of Lafontaine, which was merged with St-Jérôme in 2002. He was Isidore Paquin (1830-1911) (Isidore-Angélique Dautour).
Sainte-Sophie de Lévrard - Route Paquin The Paquin road connecting the sixth and seventh rank to Sainte-Sophie de Lévrard county of Nicolet thus named in memory of Arsène Paquin.
Trois-Rivières - Carré du Maire Paquin The square was named after Donat Paquin (Désiré-Hélène Houle) who was mayor of Cap de la Madeleine, from 1921 to 1931. Elected municipal magistrate at Cap de la Madeleine July 5, 1921, he became mayor in December of that year. Donat was a Knight of Columbus, member of the Elks at Trois-Rivières & President of the Guénisse Club.
Trois-Rivières – Rue l'Abbé Paquin This is named after Father Carmel Paquin (born 1930) (Rosario-Hélène Diamond). His theological studies were done in Trois-Rivières & he was ordained in Shawinigan, Qc. He had a keen interest in children & their recreation. The Rue l’Abbé Paquin was named after him because he was the first Chaplain-Director of the playgrounds in Trois-Rivières and La Tuque.
Trois-Rivières - Rue Maurice Paquin Maurice Paquin (1921-1994) (Edmond-Mérilda Rivard) became mayor of St Louis de France in 1971. He contributed largely to the development of housing in his locality by the construction of houses which he built, with the help of his wife, on land that he had obtained from his father. He led the municipal & school administrations.
Trois-Rivières – Rue Paquin This city street is named after Louis Dosithée Paquin (1844-1918) (Maxime-Marie Gingras). He was a lawyer by profession & became Mayor of Trois-Rivières in 1900-1902 and again in 1905.
Val David - Auberge du Lac Paquin James Parker was the original builder/owner of Parker’s Lodge in 1944. This charming country inn has 4 floors in addition to a small cottage with fireplace on the side of Lac Paquin. The inn passed on to a few owners, the most recent being France & Ludovic Bolla. They gave it a new name “Auberge du Lac Paquin” in 1993 in keeping with its environment and rich traditions.
Val David - Chemin Paquin According to Yvon Paquin (D’Assise-Lise Vaillancourt) the name was given to the road around 1959 following a request made by his grandfather, Alphonse Paquin (Isaïe-Marie Flore Chartrand). This took place when D’Assise Paquin (Alphonse-Délia Bérichon) was in office as mayor (1957-59). It was given the name with a view to perpetuate the name of the Paquin families in the area. Source:
Val David - Lac Paquin In 1899, Lac Paquin was called « Lac Grand-Maison named after Anselme Barbary dit Grand-Maison. The name Paquin has been around since the beginning of the 20th century when a Summer Post Office was in operation under the name Lac Paquin from 1913 to 1954. The name is absent from the Terrebonne County maps published in 1924 and 1931. On April 29, 1931, at a Geographical Commission meeting, it was decided to replace the name “Lac Paquin” by “Lac Berthiaume” to reflect a request made by Pamphile du Tremblay, a member of parliament for the Repentigny riding and later on made senator on November 19, 1942. The latter was Charles Arthur Berthiaume’s brother-in-law, owner of La Presse in Montréal who had acquired some land in 1919 on the lake front. However, the name “Lac Paquin” continued to appear on the topographical map 31J/SE dated 1936 and on the Terrebonne map of 1939. The name “Lac Berthiaume” appeared again on map 31J/01 dated 1957. The Geographical Commission returned to the name “Lac Paquin”on 1970-03-06. The name originated from Alphonse Paquin (Isaïe-Marie Flore Chartrand) who owned all the land around the lake. Source:
Val-d'Or - Avenue Paquin The names were given from two Paquin families, namely Achille Paquin (1909-2002) (Fleurimont -Virginie Demers), well known in the local real estate market in Val-d’Or and also Philippe Paquin responsible for many construction projects in Val-d’Or including the construction of the present Val-d’Or City Hall. The names Avenue Paquin and Paquinville were given to honour them.
Saskatchewan Parc National de Pr​ince Albert - Paquin Lake It is said that when one of the western Canadian explorers got to this lake, he named it after one of his fur-trade voyageurs.