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Ancestors PAQUIN Family

NIcolas III, lieutenant de milice

September 13, 2009 will be the sad 250th anniversary of the battle of the Quebec Abraham Heights.

François-Xavier Garneau wrote in his Canadian history book the military confrontation of September 13 1759, along those lines:

“This battle will decide ownership of a country as big as half of Europe. The loss of French soldiers for that unfortunate day was considerable; approximately a thousand men including 250 prisoners.”

   Many Deschambault residents were members of the Canadian Militia at the time. The following names can be found at the Québec National Archives:


The archives inform us that the last two on the list, Pierre Grosleau and Paul Paquin, were made prisoners by the English soldiers on September 13, 1759.

Kept as prisoners on a ship of the English fleet, they were brought to a prison in England… On September 13, 2009, let us remember those brave ones.

Deschambault August 16, 2009
Jacques Paquin

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  • Paul Perreault, Major général des Milices canadiennes
  • François Montambault, Major de milice
  • Joseph Méreault, Aide-Major de milice
  • Nicolas Paquin III, Lieutenant de milice  
  • Pierre Grosleau, membre de la milice  
  • Paul Paquin, membre de la milice