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Subject: Indian Paquins in New Mexico

Indian Paquins in New Mexico.:

About 20 or so years ago when Claire and I were traveling in the motorhome, we did get to Santa Fe, New Mexico and visited the Palace of the Governors where we met an Indian woman named Paquin who was selling jewelry there.
Claire noticed the Paquin name and started a conversation with her by saying something like, "An Indian must have married a Paquin."
The woman was insulted and quickly replied, "No Indian married white man." That terminated the conversation.


I mention this because when we returned to Canada and at one of our annual Paquin reunions I did mention this occurrence but could never prove any connection in my genealogical records.

Well finally today I have found out something about these Indians in New Mexico and I am printing exactly what I have found on the internet on this subject.


Things to know about Leonard and Geraldine Paquin. Leonard is Zuni and Laguna Indian & Gerrie is full blooded Laguna Indian and they handcraft all their own work out of Sterling Silver and natural Turquoise, Black Acoma Jet, Coral and other natural shell and semi-precious stones. Gerrie works with the stone cutting, setting and polishing of most of the items. Leonard does all the handcrafting of the sterling silver, he likes working with heavy gage silver so you know that when you buy an item you can feel the weight of the silver. Leonard & Gerrie learned the art silversmithing and stone cutting from his father Mr. Pete Paquin of the Zuni Pueblo. His mother and father both live on the Laguna Pueblo just west of Albuquerque, NM about 45 miles on I-40 and reside in the village of Casa Blanca (one of seven villages that make up the Pueblo). Leonard & Gerrie also reside in Casa Blanca, NM. Leonard is the third generation silversmith and has been working in the business since 1982. They both started selling jewelry in Sante Fe, NM at the Palace of the Governors. They travel to Santa Fe as often as they can, but the drive is 225 miles round trip, so they can't be there every day, but they try to.

The Paquin family is very large so if you talk to anyone with the last name Paquin from New Mexico you're likely talking to one of their relatives. About the last name. The Paquin name is a French spelling, but it is a Zuni name which has the meaning of "High Priest". The name was given to Pete (Leonard's father) when he was registered at the day school in the early 1900's. Pete, his two younger brothers and one sister, lost their mother at an early age and so they were raised by his grandmother and her husband on his fathers side, their name was Paquin and this is where we received the last name. So the last name Paquin was an adopted name. The real last name of Leonard's family is "COOEYATE" it also is a Zuni name and is used by Leonard's relatives in Zuni. Pete is now 87 years old, and is the last of the oldest children. He does have two younger half-sisters and one half-brother still living in Zuni.


I hope that this helps with our research even though we are not related in any way .

Your distant cousin, Reggie Paquin